Wilson & Bradley

Website design, Responsive layout, UX design

Wilson & Bradley is a family owned and run company. They specialize in quality services and supplies for the kitchen, as well as in manufacturing kitchen cabinets and furniture. Since their opening in 1976, they have grown and established a branch in every Australian state.

Wilson & Bradley asked Bolmar to make their e-commerce design modern and minimalistic.

Compared to the old design, the new design features white and clean backgrounds. In addition to this the homepage is more structured and contains hotlinks to category pages. These links are designed as banners. This helps the user to quickly find all the necessary information in the extensive Wilson & Bradley web shop.

This website has a 5-plus level hierarchy, therefore the biggest challenge for us was to make the navigation structure as easy as possible.

We chose to divide the checkout process on two access types: new users and returning customers/ resellers. This way some products could be represented as combination deals/ packages, dividing the prices into unit prices and line prices.

This was not the first time we worked for Wilson & Bradley. The previous version of this website was also developed by us.

After 4 years, Wilson & Bradley hired us again to update and improve their website. Using all of our experience combined with new techniques and present day knowledge we managed to outperform our previous designs and take the web shop to a new level.

This was a prestigious project that was under certain pressure, as Wilson & Bradley’s website has millions of visitors every year, generating several millions of turnover, so every detail mattered.

Rather than creating a desktop version and separate mobile versions of the website, we created one responsive version. This way all users can comfortably view and buy products from any device with any screen and have the same experience.

The Wilson & Bradley e-commerce website contains over 100 unique page designs (including mobile and tablet adaptation).

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