Skin and threads

Website design, Responsive Layout, UX design, Photography

Skin and threads is an Australian high fashion brand, targeting all fashionable women and girls across Australia and the USA. Skin and Threads requested a stylish and minimalistic make-over of their web shop, including a responsive layout.

We designed 3 versions of the homepage grid. Our open communication with the customer enabled us to choose the layout that matched their marketing strategy and stimulate sales best.

The clean and minimalistic product pages contain all features that the customer needed at this stage.

The screenshots below show the details of the product page UI. The responsive layout grid makes this design suitable for shopping on tablet devices, a feature that is new in this version of the website.

Bolmar also works with secondary pages, up to 20 pages for every e-commerce website. The design and development of desktop mockups take approximately one month, starting with the prototyping process.

We create mobile versions suitable for all modern devices, using standard techniques and design approaches. Making the website suitable for multiple devices takes approximately two weeks. Below you can find examples from this specific client.

Notice the UI simplification when comparing the desktop to the mobile version. Our web design philosophy follows the concept of ‘desktop first’. Global statistics show that over 60 % of all e-commerce sales are generated through traditional screen devices such as laptops and desktops, therefore it is in our client’s interest to see the desktop mockups first.

Our complete website renovation yielded a 150% increase in sales, within the first year after delivering our work.

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