Share Flare

Branding, WebApp design, Responsive layout, UX design, Photography

Share Flare is a revolutionary discount system based on social activity. The task Share Flare gave Bolmar was to showcase their concept of rewarding Facebook friendship and popularity with additional privileges or discounts to any product or service.

Below you can find an exclusive insight into our way of approaching a branding assignment.

The logo concept was developed with the ‘share’ icon as a starting point. Its round shapes were translated to a candy form with candy colours. Next, we chose a handwritten font to underline the personalization of discount, thereby packaging the idea of a Share Flare community in one logo.

The vibrant nature of Share Flare is reflected in the standard colours of the UI and decorations: fresh green and energizing pink. As a supplemental colour we chose carbon grey over plain black, to create a more soft and friendly composition.

Before deciding on the final round shape for the logo, we conducted a small scale research and did AB testing between different options among our staff and network. They unanimously voted for the round shape. The next step was to find the right mapping of the colours.

To achieve this, we used an algorithm of multi-layer colours. This way the combination of pink, blue, and green in the logo became more organic and native. The result is a violet main background. The clean white title (‘Share Flare’) contrasts nicely with this background.

After the branding process, we started with the UI development for the application and website. We chose to work in a minimalistic style and to use clean white backgrounds.

In addition to this we chose to work with rounded corners for all shapes. This design is a better match for the mostly female target audience. We also chose Montserrat as a font for additional text blocks since it works very well in smaller spaces, such as certain UI blocks and elements.

To showcase all the styles, we created collages based on real-life photos. We integrated Share Flare brand book elements on billboards, blanks and business cards.

In addition to this, we integrated the application’s UI design on a device screen, to show our client our designs work well on all devices.

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