Branding, Photography

Proboardshop is a shop and community for the riders. We found a new style to establish a strong visual identity. The main idea was to combine the two elements water (waves) and winter (snow and mountains).

The combination of the elements is immediately visible from the logo, which consists of two zigzag lines. The top line, and overall shape, shows mountains, and the crossing zigzag line that cuts through that shape symbolizes waves and surfing. Blue, as a characteristic link between water and snow, was the logical choice for the main colour.

Below you can see the process of finding a shape, starting from the letter W, via the zigzag lines to the final full logo.

The Montserrat Web font was chosen as the best font for rebranding Proboardshop. We like simple, abstract fonts. The simplicity of the basic geometrical shapes enables us to link the font to a logo design.

The logo design and branding are based on minimalistic shapes and big images. This helps selling sportswear and boards, but also conveys the spirit of Proboardshop.

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