Pit Stop Coffee

Branding, Photography

Pitstop coffee is a coffee catering agency. Their concept is to make coffee on any location within only 30 seconds. The philosophy of their brand is to combine speed and coffee in one visual. When car drivers and coffee-men have only seconds to spare to get a coffee, Pitstop coffee is their brand of choice.

The logo we designed combines two objects: the F1 flag and a coffee cup. The combination of these two elements resulted in a unique logo that is also easy to understand for the bigger audience.

We created several versions for the Pitstop coffee logo before the final composition was selected. The early versions also included a version containing a speedometer. In addition to the use of the flag, the colour choice is also inspired by the F1 identity.

For our design we used the dynamic Asterix font. This font was also used in the main logo. For better ergonomics, we used an additional font which is better suited for the small parts of the logo (‘COFFEE’).

The final logo can be presented in two different compositions. The first design can be used on stretching objects, like the sleeves of the company clothing. The second, vertical, design can be used on cups and other objects with round or square shapes. With these two different designs we managed to develop a style that is consistent for all manners of presentation.

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