Cafe Select

Website design, Responsive Layout, UX design, Photography

Café Select is located in Kiev (Ukraine). It is a beautiful café with a bar, that also serves great food. The aim of the website was to display all three services they offer: a café, an event location and a fashion brand shop. On the new website, users can now make online reservations but also do some online shopping. Of course, the design we created is compatible with tablets and mobile devices.

The grid layout works perfectly with the logo design. We wanted our design to be dynamic yet peaceful. The choice for a grid also allowed us to implement a creative menu rather than a basic top bar menu.

The entire website is structured along three different flows: café, flowers and shop. The challenge was to connect these flows to enable visitors to switch from one to the other smoothly.

An even bigger challenge was to make visitors aware of the fact that they were not just visiting another web shop, but rather also the website of a café. This inspired us to create a modern and minimalistic design that matches well with the target audience, all the while ensuring that Café Select’s broad offer did not go overlooked.

The website’s design and layout are based on minimalistic shapes and big images, to boost sales, and convey the café’s atmosphere. To underline this, we chose transparent animation and colours for the UI. Greyscale colours were also used, but only for the main elements of the interface. In addition to this we used fixed elements in the layout, combined with navigational elements that changed position to add dynamics and a trendy edge.

The responsive layout enables viewing on all types of devices, including tables, mobile devices and even 2K displays.

In addition to the website design, we also designed several general styles of print production. We also organized a photo session of the café’s interior. This inspired us and helped us to ensure style integrity throughout all stages of the website development.

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